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Creativity Coaching

1. Q. What is creativity coaching and how does it work?
   A. Creativity Coaching is methodology designed to help people improve their creative lives. It is one-on-one coaching that is designed to identify and provide solutions to people interested in enhancing their present level of creative out put. 


2. Q. What is a Professional Vocal Evaluation?
    A. A Professional Vocal Evaluation is a process designed to assess a person’s musical strengths and weaknesses.
3. Q. What is a Vocal Consultation?
    A. A Vocal Consultation is a process in which expert advice, options, insights and information is shared on a wide variety of singing, musical and performance topics. The specific area of discussion depends on the particular needs and desires of the client. It is usually a problem solving process.
4. Q. Would I benefit from career counseling?
    A. Yes, if you are confused or stuck at your present level.
5. Q. How do I find out about singing opportunities in my geographical area?
    A. By learning the musical landscape of your area and searching out places to sing.

Artist Development

6. Q. What is Artistic Development? 
    A. Artistic Development consists of specific and detailed activities and experiences constructed to help the artist fulfill his or her performance requirements and career goals
7. Q. How do I find out about singing opportunities in my geographical area?
    A. By learning the musical landscape of your area and searching out places to sing and perform.


8. Q. Can your production company help me with my video shoot?
    A. Yes. We provide concept design of videos. We also assist you in the actual shooting and making of your video.


9. Q. Can you help me record a demo?
    A. Yes, we provide a number of recording services such as
        -  song selection and ideas related to interpretation and delivery
        -  arranging concepts and instrumentation
        -  advice and selection of musicians and engineers
        -  advice and consultation on the selection of the best studio environment for you.


10. Q. Do you think I have the necessary talent for a vocal career in music?
      A. I would have to hear you sing and probably see you perform.
11. Q. How old does my child have to be to start voice lessons?
      A. That depends on whether your child is already singing on a professional basis and what demands are being placed on his or her voice. Formal lessons don’t usually begin until the early teens, but there are exceptions.  
12. Q. How do I learn to scat? Can you teach me?
      A. There are as many different ways to learn to scat as there are to learn to sing. Yes, if you are willing to put in the time and have the talent.
13. Q. Is your Singers’ Performance Showcase right for me?
      A. That depends on your performance aspirations and your present skill level.
14. Q. I am an adult who has never sung before; can you teach me how to sing?
      A. I would have to evaluate your musical aptitude before I could answer that question.
15. Q. How do I learn to improvise with my voice?
      A. There are many ways. One would be to work with an improvising singer or musician.
16. Q. How many lessons will I need?
      A. The number of lessons is contingent upon what you want to accomplish and how long you have to achieve you goal.
17. Q. Can you help me increase my vocal range
      A. The answer is usually yes.
18. Q. What vocal part should I be singing in my church choir?
      A. To answer this question I would have to evaluate your range and voice quality.
19. Q. How often should I take lessons?
      A. That all depends on what your goals are.
20. Q. Do you think I can sing?
      A. Some evaluation would have to be done before I could answer that question.
21. Q. Do I have too much vibrato?
      A. A vocal evaluation would be necessary to make that determination.
22. Q. How long have you been teaching voice?
      A. For over 25 years.
23. Q.  Am I too old to have a singing career?
      A. Not unless you think you are too old.
24. Q. Do I have a solo voice?
      A. I would have to evaluate your voice first.
25. Q. As a soloist is choral singing bad for my voice?
      A. That depends on what kinds of demands the choral work is placing on your voice and how you use your voice in a choral setting.
26. Q. Do you know of any natural remedies for too much mucus?
      A. Yes. Sip 3 teaspoons of one part apple cider vinegar and 1 part honey, 3 times per day.
27. Q. What kind of music best suits my voice?
      A. I would have to evaluate you vocally first.


28. Q. How old should my child be to start piano lessons?
      A. That depends on the child. The average age to begin formal lessons is usually somewhere between five and nine years old.
29. Q. Can you teach me to play piano by ear?
      A. Yes, if you are willing to put in the time and effort?
30. Q. Can you teach me how to improvise at the piano?
      A. Yes, if you have the desire and some talent.
31. Q. How long have you been teaching piano?
      A. For over 20 years.


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